The Sketch Republic

Montreal's monthly sketch comedy night, featuring a rotating line-up of the best local and out of town troupes.

The Sketch Republic at Montreal Improv
Thursday, November 21 at 8:30pm
3697 Boulevard St-Laurent
$8, or $6 for Montreal Improv students


Enjoy an evening of spontaneous comedy, featuring a mix of some of Montreal Improv's featured players and up and coming performers!

Watch as they are randomly paired to weave in and out of scenes and stories, creating a world of wonder!

Twins at Montreal Improv
Friday, November 22 at 7:00pm
3697 Boulevard St-Laurent
$5, or free for Montreal Improv students

La Machine

Un spectacle d'improvisation mettant en vedette des troupes de partout à Montréal. Tantôt des nouvelles troupes, tantôt des équipes expérimentées, c'est le terreau fertile de belles expériences !

La Machine au p’tit Impro
Tous les vendredi à 19 ou 20:30.
3713 Boulevard St-Laurent
$5, ou gratuit pour les étudiants de ImproMontreal

Friday Night's Main Event

Prepare for the ultimate in improvised competition as two teams collide at Friday Night's Main Event!

Through a series of match-ups and challenges, only one team will leave Montreal Improv with the title of champion.

Will the stage be able to contain both of these explosive forces? The only way to find out is by joining us on Friday!

Get ready for the main event....get ready for FRIDAY NIGHT'S MAIN EVENT!

Friday Night's Main Event at Montreal Improv
Fridays at 8:30pm
3697 Boulevard St-Laurent
$8, or free for Montreal Improv Students

Pour faire court

Pour faire court est soirée de storytelling francophone où les invités partagent des histoires vraies racontées comme ils les ont vécues!
8$, 5$ pour les étudiant d'Impro Montréal

Les têtes grises

"Les têtes grises" est un spectacle qui rassemble les joueuses et joueurs les plus expérimenté·e·s d'Impro Montréal ! Seulement une poignée d'élu·e·s ont été sélectionné·e·s pour faire partie de ce spectacle, donc les attentes sont élevées !

Ce mois-ci encore, la thématique du spectacle sera le hasard ! Vous serez appelés à donner diverses contraintes (lieux, personnages, relations, mots, etc.) et la maîtresse de jeu en pigera d'autres (nombre de participant·e·s, durée de la scènes, styles, etc.) et nos têtes grises devront marier le tout avec succès !

6$, ou gratuit pour les étudiants d'Impro Montréal

Make It A Musical

The award winning show from this summer's St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival is back for one night only!

Make it a Musical takes a movie that's not already a musical and turns it into one on the spot, featuring fully improvised Broadway style song and dance numbers.​

Nominated for best English Production - Montreal Fringe 2019​
Winner of The 13th Hour Award - Montreal Fringe 2019

Make It A Musical at Le P'tit Impro
Saturday, November 23 at 8:00pm
3713 Boulevard St-Laurent
$10, or $5 for Montreal Improv students

Impro Chef

Vous apportez vos mots, les comédiens proposent des débuts d'histoire et vous n'avez plus qu'à choisir. Impro chef est inspiré du Cercle des menteurs, de Christian Sinniger.

Indie Night

It's Indie Night at Montreal Improv!

Featuring some of Montreal's best teams, Indie Night brings you a variety of groups, both existing and new. Witness a blend of styles and formats by players from all over the city!

Indie Night at Le P'tit Impro
Saturdays at 9:30pm
3713 Boulevard St-Laurent
$6, or free for Montreal Improv students

My Confessions: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Jean-Jacques Rousseau created a hit opera and two of the most popular novels of the century. He probed the subtleties of the human heart and advocated tolerance. Yet he was persecuted as a political and religious radical, and banished as a pariah. Rousseau ran away from being an engraver’s apprentice and became the confidante of dukes and princes. Philosopher, musician, diplomat, angel or devil?

For one night only, a show exploring this matchless social and intellectual vagabond.

Featuring Le Gongue, a group that glides and crashes through the sky of Montreal’s linguistic winds, with all its swells and turbulence, as the bang of a gong lets them get it on, in the immortal words of T. Rex.

Featuring TOPS, a group which takes audiences on exhilarating joy rides. Their characters and relationships craft textured worlds, nurtured by their sparkling comedic camaraderie.

And featuring a select group of Montreal Improv's finest students, directed by Dominique Blain.

Edmund Coates will perform the texts from Rousseau.

Le Gongue: Dominique Blain, Inga Knoth, Thierry Leblanc, François Messier, and Christopher Tyler

TOPS: Joel Fink, Jordan McRae, Julie Santini, Adrianne Schoen, and Kiriakos Vanikiotis
My Confessions: Jean-Jacques Rousseau at Le P'tit Impro
Sunday, November 24 at 8:00pm
3713 Boulevard St-Laurent
$7, or free for Montreal Improv students