After This, We're Going To Tokyo and Friends

new year's resolutions 2020:
1. freakin' say whatever
2. live life to the friggin' fullest carpe diem YOLO
3. don't give no fricks
4. go to After This We're Going To Tokyo And Friends, have a great time

Former Threepio champions After This We're Going To Tokyo - David Kaufman, Dale Bernier and Vance Gillis - reunite on the Montreal Improv stage, with special guests. Knock this one off your resolutions list - it's going to be flippin' sweet.

After This, We're Going To Tokyo and Friends at Montreal Improv
Thursday, January 23 at 8:30pm
3607 Boulevard St-Laurent
$8, or free for Montreal Improv students

No Languages Allowed!

In conjunction with Seeing Voices Montreal, we are excited to, once again, to present No Languages Allowed!

This exciting, exclusively silent improv show features Deaf performers from Seeing Voices Montreal, alongside players from Montreal Improv.

Join us for this guaranteed night of fun on Friday, January 24 at Montreal Improv.

ASL-Spoken English Interpretation provided.

Seeing Voices Montreal is a diverse group of volunteers ranging from native ASL users, native LSQ (Langue des signes québécoise) users, ASL students and other hard-working individuals from the Montréal D/Deaf* community.

No Languages Allowed at Montreal Improv
Friday, January 24 at 7:00pm
3697 Boulevard St-Laurent
$10, or $8 for Montreal Improv students

La Machine

Un spectacle d'improvisation mettant en vedette des troupes de partout à Montréal. Tantôt des nouvelles troupes, tantôt des équipes expérimentées, c'est le terreau fertile de belles expériences !

La Machine au p’tit Impro
Tous les vendredi à 19 ou 20:30.
3713 Boulevard St-Laurent
$5, ou gratuit pour les étudiants de ImproMontreal

Friday Night's Main Event

Prepare for the ultimate in improvised competition as two teams collide at Friday Night's Main Event!

Through a series of match-ups and challenges, only one team will leave Montreal Improv with the title of champion.

Will the stage be able to contain both of these explosive forces? The only way to find out is by joining us on Friday!

Get ready for the main event....get ready for FRIDAY NIGHT'S MAIN EVENT!

Friday Night's Main Event at Montreal Improv
Fridays at 8:30pm
3697 Boulevard St-Laurent
$8, or free for Montreal Improv Students


Another Threepio season is upon us, where each and every team will scratch and claw for one thing: your votes!

Join us for an evening of hilarious improv featuring three teams, with a variety of styles and formats.

Stay up to date on scores, standings and information on all of our teams at:

Threepio at Montreal Improv
Fridays at 10:00pm
$8, or free for Montreal Improv students

Night Drive

From some of the minds behind PRECINCT, FILMS IN FOCUS, and EASY ACTION, it's NIGHT DRIVE at Montreal Improv's Le P'it Impro on January 25th at 8pm.

It's all black asphalt dissected by a yellow line and there you are, driving - hurtling - headlong into the horizon that burns hazy with the city's lights. You switch on the radio for company and the DJ selects the music and provides the chatter that'll soundtrack your journey towards the blurry line that separates late night and the earliest part of morning.

Live fast and stay up late, babies.

NIGHT DRIVE is a new show created by acclaimed producer/improvisor Marc Rowland and features some of the finest improvisors in the city. It's a show where the DJ's cuts and patter inspire the scenes while the audience sits back and enjoys the ride.

Night Drive at Montreal Improv
Saturday, January 25 at 8:00pm
3713 Boulevard St-Laurent
$10, or $6 for Montreal Improv students

Impro Chef

Vous apportez vos mots, les comédiens proposent des débuts d'histoire et vous n'avez plus qu'à choisir. Impro chef est inspiré du Cercle des menteurs, de Christian Sinniger.

Indie Night

It's Indie Night at Montreal Improv!

Featuring some of Montreal's best teams, Indie Night brings you a variety of groups, both existing and new. Witness a blend of styles and formats by players from all over the city!

Indie Night at Le P'tit Impro
Saturdays at 9:30pm
3713 Boulevard St-Laurent
$6, or free for Montreal Improv students