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jeu 17 jan

20h30 Treats (AN)

dim 20 jan

Pas de spectacles


an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.
"here, I'm taking you to see this improv show as a treat"

TREATS features an eclectic group of teams, bringing their own unique brand of improv comedy to the Montreal Improv stage!

Rattle Your Jewelry (Eve Majzels, Pascale Licinio and Travis Reason)
Billy Joel's Nightmare (Albert Tebraak, Mae Barron, Max Maguire and Phil Smith)
Low Maintenance (Anthony Assaf, Dale Bernier, Didi Guenin, Daphné Laurier-Montpetit, Kadi Diop and Olivia Del Torto)

Treats at Montreal Improv
Thursday, January 17 at 8:30pm
3697 Boulevard St-Laurent
$5, or free for Montreal Improv students

The Lab

Join us for The Lab, an experimental hour of improv comedy, featuring Montreal Improv's up and coming student performers!

Each week, The Lab welcomes our burgeoning troupes to take the stage in this upbeat, fast moving show. In addition to this, each edition of The Lab will present a unique student jam, brought to you by our roster of guest directors.

What will these experiments yield? The only way to find out is by joining us every other Friday at 7:00pm!

The Lab at Montreal Improv
Every Other Friday at 7:00pm
$5, or free for Montreal Improv students

La Machine

Un spectacle d'improvisation mettant en vedette des troupes de partout à Montréal. Tantôt des nouvelles troupes, tantôt des équipes expérimentées, c'est le terreau fertile de belles expériences !

Friday Night's Main Event

Prepare for the ultimate in improvised competition as two teams collide at Friday Night's Main Event!

Through a series of match-ups and challenges, only one team will leave Montreal Improv with the title of champion.

Will the stage be able to contain both of these explosive forces? The only way to find out is by joining us on Friday!

Get ready for the main event....get ready for FRIDAY NIGHT'S MAIN EVENT!

Friday Night's Main Event at Montreal Improv
Every Friday at 8:30pm
3697 Boulevard St-Laurent
$8, or free for Montreal Improv Students

To reserve tickets, email us at contact@montrealimprov.com


Une soirée d'impro en duo à Impro Montréal ! Chaque mois, Ketchup/Moutarde accueille un gros duo expérimenté différent qui sera appuyé en première partie par des duos d'Impro Montréal !


Another Threepio season is upon us, where each and every team will scratch and claw for one thing: your votes!

Join us for an evening of hilarious improv featuring three teams, with a variety of styles and formats.

Stay up to date on scores, standings and information on all of our teams at:

Threepio at Montreal Improv
Fridays at 10:00pm
$8, or free for Montreal Improv students


Come one come all to the show where amazing people come to laugh, applaud, and bask in the glory of femininity!!!

INFEMOUS is a well-rounded comedy hour of vivacious proportions. In one sitting, audience members will be treated to sketch and improv comedy, led by a guest monologist. INFEMOUS is creating a space for women and non-binary players in the community because, as it turns out, that still needs to happen.

Pack your reasonable expectations and get ready to be empowered.

INFEMOUS at Le P'tit Impro
Saturday, January 19
3713 Boulevard St-Laurent
Pay What You Can

Pimp mon histoire


Indie Night

It's Indie Night at Montreal Improv!

Indie Night is a longform improv show featuring some of Montreal's best teams, old and new. Witness a variety of styles and formats by players from all over the city!

Indie Night at Le P'tit Impro
Every Saturday at 9:30pm
3713 Boulevard St-Laurent
$5, or free for Montreal Improv students